Photo Books & Coffee Table Books

Photo Books & Coffee Table Books

It’s not just the way of capturing memories that has changed, but also how you want to best preserve the hard prints in the form of Photo Books and Coffee Table Books. The latest addition to printing of albums are the more elegant Photo Books and Coffee Table Books. Photo Books are the latest versions of Karizma Albums of the past, with better & greater options of print material and cover design, while Coffee Table Books are smaller in size and more handy and light weight editions of the Photo Books.

Wedding Photographer Agra

The people of Agra have caught up so fast with all the latest trends, that many of you might feel these are not the most recent things at all, as you might already have seen all these at some friend’s and relatives’ wedding.

The best news so far, is that, initially people of Agra looking for superior quality Creative Wedding Coverage had to hire teams from outside Agra , but now Pretty Bride Photographers & Cinematographers have geared up and are providing better quality services and most Creative Wedding Coverage with an Agra or UP style which no one else can match.So, don’t miss out on any of the new ways to freeze your wedding memories, after all its a once in a lifetime event.


Pretty Bride is a team of unconventional, contemporary and creative, Professional Candid Wedding Photographers & Wedding Cinematographers from Agra Uttar Pradesh. They believe in redefining the way in which wedding photography has been perceived in the past. Giving more emphasis on candid, traditional and creative photography & Cinematography, they are changing the way you would recollect your wedding memories.