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Hiring a Good Candid Wedding Photographer

Hiring a Good Candid Wedding Photographer

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With the ringing of the wedding bells, the wedding season is on the go. Most of the couples waiting to tie the knot this wedding season are busy with all the wedding preparations, so typical of the big fat Indian weddings. Now a day’s finding a good professional Candid Wedding Photographer, is really  a difficult task as looking for a suitable bride or groom.Just to help you prepare better “Pretty Bride” suggests a few do’s that you must keep in mind while deciding upon your Candid Wedding Photography requirements.


Indian weddings are a costly affair. You need to plan your budget accordingly so as to avoid over spending or under spending. You will have many options to choose from as far as Candid Wedding Photography is concerned. Don’t compromise on the quality of wedding photography as it is as important as any other aspect of your wedding preparations. A photographer who quotes less price may not be consistent with his work, also would not have much experience hence, lesser price.Trying to save a few bucks could ruin the memories of the best day of your life. Cost is negotiable but not quality. If the photographer is ready to stop too low, reconsider hiring him.


Check the experience or the number of weddings covered by the Candid Wedding Photographer. Also, delve deeper into the type of weddings the photographer has covered, like, Hindu, Marathi, Marwari, Marathi, Tamil, Sindhi Weddings, etc. The more weddings the photographer has covered, the greater is his efficiency as he knows well what enhances or distorts the photos on field. Also, try to get references from your friends or recently married couples, trust word of mouth.

Skim through Websites:

The most preferred way of searching now a days is online. Narrow down your searches by looking through the websites of various Candid Wedding Photographers. But remember, you are hiring a photographer not a web designer. Don’t fall for anyone simply because you love their website. See if the website contains a good number of high quality creative images and not just attractive design and easy accessibility.

Work Consistency:

Look for the type of photos clicked by the concerned candid wedding photographer you wish to hire. Go through the samples thoroughly. As, every photographer has his own favorites and best shots from a wedding, ask for the maximum number of photographs from a single wedding, so that you might get an idea as to how many “wow” photos can you expect from the guy. Don’t go for some random samples. Seeing the work would give you a very good idea if you want to hire that particular Photographer or not.

Also, reverse search on Google to check the authenticity of work of the photographer, to see if the samples shown by him are genuinely his work.


It is easy to replicate but hard to create. Look for the more number of times the candid wedding photographer has experimented with different frames and angles, which are requires for marvelous results. See if he tries capturing the similar type of photos with different outcomes, altogether making a whole new creative shot. This would insure that you have unique and beautiful set photos and the Photographer can be trusted with the aesthetics.


There are some who like intense processing, making the photos look unnatural and sometimes weird. Check what type of processing does the Photographer employ and if it suits your requirement. Also, ask if the Photographer shoots in Jpeg or RAW format. Specify clearly how you want the final photos to look like so as to avoid redundancy and save time.


It is a different thing when you have to create a single amazing shot in some 20 days time, in such case the equipment doesn’t matter much, but in a wedding when you have to create and deliver 300-400 best shots, you would require good quality, high end equipment to back you up.

It is always said that it is the man behind the camera that makes the difference but with a entry level photography gear, even the photographer’s creativity would be restricted.

When you desire high quality creative images in a wedding where you have to increase the number of creative photos, there is no room for vanilla shots and so, check if the Photographer has high end Camera, Lens and other equipment.


Indian Weddings seldom happen as scheduled. Things might even be running late or the schedule might get really tight with back to back ceremonies. Hire someone who is really flexible and can adjust with the way things are happening. Usually Photographers are booked end to end with one wedding to another, this must not clash with your interests. Also, it would get very uncomfortable if the photographer either rushes to some other project because yours is behind schedule or does not reach on time because he was previously shooting at some other wedding and still hasn’t got off.

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Photographers’ Perception of Candid Photography:

Before you hire a Candid Wedding Photographer for your wedding make sure your and his perception of Candid Wedding Photography is same. Candid Photographs are not posed for photos, where the subjects are mostly unaware for being clicked. Such photos capture the most natural emotions and best moments of a wedding.Many a times photographers are not clear with this concept and might simply be shooting the wedding in the traditional way but with a bit of a difference. Make sure your interests are not at logger heads before you hire the Photographer.

Apart from all the above, it is your level of comfort, understanding and relationship with the Photographer that matters. You are a team working together to make the best of you happiest moments. This a friendly, intimate relationship, but if you don’t feel the same way, it is never too late to hire a new one.